How to get rid of unwanted pop up advertisement on windows 7 8/getting off or remove online ads on internet Browser

Many people have problem with internet browser popups ads.There are available free popup ads block's software have in internet.Online advertising are caused by a potentially unwanted program extension or add-on that was probably installed on your computer without your knowledge and upon installed, it modifies your web browser settings in order to display ads from unknown publishers to earn money.It is some time harmful for your computer . You can easily disable unwanted popup advertisements.

How to get rid popup adverts for windows pc on Firefox internet Browser

Click tool, then click option

From the Content tab, mark Block Popup Windows and click "OK"

how to remove or block auto popup ads on Google chrome

Click Setting then "show advance "
click content setting.
 See pop-ups section .By default google mark it . Then click Done

How to remove/rid/delete pop up ads on Internet Explorer

Click Tool section Then click internet option .

Click privacy

now pop-up Blocker " Turn on " and click Settings

Blocking level high , click close >>> then apply >>> and ok

Now you are safe!!!! ops!!! How to check your browser? Test your pop-up go this link .

SO now you are safe!! Thank you!!

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