Tips to improve website load time , Reduce your website speed load time

How to increase speed up page loading time and improve site speed

Website loading time of a blog is an important factor in SEO prospective.Because now a days major search engine Google consider load time as a ranking factor. Visitor do not like slow loading site. So this post How to increase speed up page loading time and improve site speed , see below the section.

JavaScript makes page loading speed slow.Try remove unnecessary JavaScript codes from your website.Don’t link to external sites for storing your JavaScript codes whilst you can save them inside your blogger blog. You can save your all JavaScript codes in your template above </head> by using the code below

<script type=’text/javascript’>
Paste Your JavaScript Code Here//]]>
Widgets and Social Media Buttons
Widgets and social media buttons are very important but use of too many social media buttons and unnecessary widgets can slower your blog.  So avoided using it many. And make it size properly not so big or not so small.

<img width=”” height=”” src=”URL Of Image” /> 
Do not Use An Image As a Background
A background image responsible for slow your page . Always avoid background image .

Reduce Advertisement On Blog
Advertisement banners are coded with JavaScript. Too much JavaScript make your blog loading slow.So careful about Ads

Limited Number Of Posts At Home Page

Try to show only 4-5 posts at your Homepage because if you use too many posts to show at Homepage then it will take more time to load.
Use Quality Blogger Templates

Give proper Dimension To Image

Always dive proper height and width to the image you are using your post , Its help to the browsers to load the image quickly

How to Check Blog load Speed
Lot of tool available on internet which can be used to check your blog load time.
Here I am giving one populer tools. 
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