How to add Facebook page like box on my website

Facebook page like box is a very important part for promote your fb page and website .Easily you can add it .Facebook developers like box is html code. Easily you can add this facebook plugins in your blogger site . It is very simple . First you have to need a facebook fun page. here is my facebook page  . Then see down section on your fb page . See " more " like this .

 Click " more " button . And then click Developers section .Just a short note : User not logged into their personal account can not access developers.facebook.com . Click the "Switch" icon. Then click " learn more "

After click that make point developers social plugins section you can see. Then click " Like box "

After click you can see look like this : 

Facebook page URL section write your page URL . Then you can choose Color Scheme  as your wish . After all complete click Get code .
After clicking you see your page code .Click IFRAME copy this code and paste this code your blog spot blog site .

Quick review : 
How to add Facebook page like box on my website[video]

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