How to optimization your free blogspot website

What is SEO/que es un ?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. For your free web-log site its so important to improve your audience and seo page traffic .

Types of SEO :

On page seo : Is a major part of website . Because google do not read your post .It just read your blog site "HTML CODE" .So may be you understand how important it is. Anyway do not worry i will show you step's of all on page seo process.

Off page seo : It alsow help you grow your audience . Link building process called off page seo .Like blog comment, directory submisson , forum , article writing .

Now i will show you How to on page seo  optimization your free blogspot website . When you apply this process you see how help on page seo  gain and increase audience statistics . You do not have to learn all of SEO techniques . If you want you can use some free seo tools. some seo secrets can make your site exceptional to other site. Remember social media also a best way to increase audience . So add your website social media link/box/button.

How to seo on page optimization your free blogspot website : Open your google blogger blogspot website . Click > Settings option then click "Search preferences" Like this 

After click Search preferences you can see Mete description section .

By default no . So you have to click yes ,then description box TYPE HERE YOUR SITE META DESCRIPTION . MUST YOUR SITE RELEVANT KEYWORD OR PHRASE .Then save change.
Now complete your on page meta description text. 

Go back your new post section and you could to see  a new option add your post settings " Search Description " 

Yes ,it is your post meta tag . Type hear you post related effective keyword .Now all complete. So easy!!!
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